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Gaining Insight Though Multi-Channel Performance Analysis

Global force in fashion, made up of nine of the high streets best-loved fashion brands. Arcadia used CACI’s tools and knowledge to help identify their multi-channel presence.

The Challenge

With the growth of an online economy, Arcadia wanted to gain insights on the online activity of their customers.

They wanted to fairly attribute online sales to physical stores with the goal of understanding the extent to which each of their 2,500+ outlets were servicing, supplementing and enhancing online operations.

The Solution

CACI were able to use the “InSite” GIS software and Retail Footprint, the proprietary retail centre catchment model for the UK, to calculate the proportion of online sales from each postcode sector in the UK. From this, they were also able to assign each sale to a physical store.

CACI ran the analysis for each of Arcadia’s nine fashion brands separately, allowing each brand’s competing store catchments to be fairly calculated.

The Results

The resulting database detailed the proportion of online sales that should be attributed to each individual Arcadia outlet per postcode sector.

The database was then integrated into Arcadia’s financial reporting systems to automate the attribution process which has enabled Arcadia to targeted on their combined multi-channel sales. This approach allows for a holistic, 360’ view of each stores performance.

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"We compared a number of providers’ of retail centre catchment models to our own customer data and identified that CACIs Retail Footprint model was not only the most comprehensive but also the most accurate. The outputs from the project allows us to correctly attribute online sales to the catchment of our 2,500+ outlets in the UK, which is essential to our understanding of a stores profitability."

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Gaining Insight Though Multi-Channel Performance Analysis