DataHub: High Quality Data Unlocked

Enriching, deduplicating and identifying your customer data

Transforming your customer experience requires data you can trust. But many organisations still face common challenges around the quality of customer data, hindering the ability to fulfil data-driven use cases.

DataHub, a CACI platform, ensures your marketing and insight platforms always have access to the highest quality customer data. Data that is deduplicated, standardised and provides a consistent identifier for each individual customer.

It combines identity resolution with data enrichment, using CACI’s suite of demographic data – providing a single view of the customer, their lifestyle, and their demographics.

Better data is the foundation for better results.

Additional Information

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High Quality, Reliable Customer Data

DataHub is your solution for real-time and batch data standardisation, resolution, enrichment and segmentation.

It works in partnership with your existing marketing technology and data architecture. Ensuring that each of your tools is working from a consistent view of who the individual customer is. DataHub is designed to work in harmony with CDPs, CEPs, Data Lakes and data science tools. It can be the backbone of your Single Customer View (SCV).

No matter how much data you hold, or how many data sources you’re combining, DataHub can scale to your needs. It reduces the time it takes to create a single customer view, so you can start unlocking the power of your data rapidly.

And as your customer base grows, it processes customer records in real-time to assign demographic and segment information insights to new customer records, so you can deliver tailored customer experiences from the first interaction.