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What is InSite?

InSite is the only geographic information system (GIS) that is powered by CACI data, including Acorn. It enhances your understanding of your customers, their value and how to find more of them by using geospatial data and location intelligence.  
InSite connects people and places and uncovers business critical information about customers and their engagement with brands. It combines the most granular and accurate demographic, lifestyle and behavioural data on the market.

Through InSite, you can also gauge external factors that affect a brand’s performance in various locations and leverage the tool’s catchment analysis capabilities to build evidence-based strategies that will allow you to capitalise on new opportunities. 

InSite is integral to our approach and modelling. We use it to investigate where existing customers come from.


InSite data support us inform decisions about store improvement investment and to help defend against competitor openings.

Midcounties Co-op

Our campaign planning team uses the InSite system to identify sites and plan where our clients should put their ads.

Clear Channel

What can InSite do for your business & how can it support your GIS needs?

InSite helps you make smarter decisions that are backed by geospatial data and customer intelligence. Its main functions help businesses enhance:  

  • Customer understanding: It provides detailed customer insights that drive decision making. 
  • Location strategy: It allows you to identify optimal locations for the delivery of services. 
  • Quantifying demand for services: It supplies the necessary data & analysis to assess and evaluate markets. 

How does InSite work?

InSite will become the heart of your business decision making through evidence-driven analysis. Its functions and apps have been created to make life easier for you. Through a bespoke mix of curated data, you can improve your customer understanding and location strategy.

It is an all-in-one tool that will help you find the answers you need for successful business outcomes, working as:  

  • A geographic information system (GIS): InSite is a software solution that can map and analyse data spatially. 
  • A mapping/visualisation tool: InSite allows you to picture the spread of your customers or locations across a region or country and map the extent or depth of your market.  
  • A data analysis tool: InSite allows you to wrangle and analyse data to look for patterns and solutions to issues through a location-oriented lens. 
  • A market/neighbourhood analysis system: Both private and public sector organisations can define their market areas and target them accordingly. 
  • A data reporting tool: InSite can hold an exceptional amount of data at various geographic levels and also generate board level reports in just a few clicks.  

What makes InSite different from other geographic information systems (GIS)?

InSite makes it easy to do complex spatial tasks using guided analysis tools or, for the more advanced user, the freedom to choose your own direction. With functions covering analysis, modelling, benchmarking and reporting, your team can make accurate, intelligent and data-led decisions that drive success.  


Enhanced customer insights

By using CACI’s data within InSite, you will understand your existing and prospective customers like never before. As well as assessing local customer demand and the evolution of the geographic area, InSite enables you to adapt to change, plan and identify new opportunities.

Catchment analysis

As competitive markets grow, InSite will help you transform your network strategy to take advantage of the changing landscape. Benchmarking new and existing locations will minimise risk and leverage growth.  

Data intelligence & insight mapping

InSite can help you make the leap from organic to targeted expansion by identifying new locations that complement your portfolio and reach new customers.

Find out what InSite’s location intelligence software can do for you. Book a demo and we’ll discuss how we can help your business thrive and show you exactly how to do it in a live demonstration. 


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