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What is InSite?

InSite is the leading suite of location intelligence tools tailored to the unique needs of different types of users. It is an integrated platform that provides a foundation for deploying spatial data, data analysis tools, GeoAI models and services, combining mapping engines, reporting and data management capabilities to support every location decision you make and redefine the possibilities of your customer engagement strategies.

What sets our products apart is our innate experience of blending disparate spatial data into coherent software solutions that are combined with AI predictive models to clearly disseminate findings to decision makers.

How does InSite work?

InSite will become the heart of your business’ decision-making through evidence-driven analysis. Its apps have been created to make your life easier through a bespoke mix of curated data, analysis apps and GeoAI-driven predictive models that will improve your customer understanding and location strategies.

InSite connects people and places by giving the ability to manage a multitude of data sources and insightful data products to uncover organisation critical information about customers and their engagement with brands. Through InSite, you can also gauge external factors that affect a brand’s performance in various locations and understand your existing and prospective customers like never before. Along with assessing customer demand, the movement of people and the evolution of places, InSite will enable you to adapt to change and identify new growth opportunities.

InSite will help you find the answers you need for successful business outcomes, working as:

  • A data analysis tool: Process and analyse data to reveal patterns and solutions to issues through a location-oriented lens.
  • A data and mapping visualisation tool: Picture the spread of your customers or locations and map the extent or depth of your market.
  • A market/neighbourhood analysis system: Private and public sector organisations define their market areas and target them accordingly.
  • A sales prediction tool: AI powered algorithms that show incremental sales and impacts of changes to your own network, and those of your competitors.
  • A reporting tool: Generate Excel or BI reports to provide insights for a range of audiences in just a few clicks.

Is InSite or InSite Everywhere better for me?

Whether you choose InSite Desktop or InSite Everywhere is up to you. But how do you choose? 

InSite Desktop will suit you best if you need a comprehensive GIS tool with flexibility and a breadth of features. On the other hand, if you’re someone who simply wants to understand catchments, profile your customers or make sales predictions for your outlets that can be shared throughout your organisation, InSite Everywhere will be better suited for you. 

No matter which one you choose, InSite will add value to your organisation by empowering you to harness the power of spatial data. 

InSite is integral to our approach and modelling. We use it to investigate where existing customers come from.


InSite data support us inform decisions about store improvement investment and to help defend against competitor openings.

Midcounties Co-op

The data and tools we get from CACI has been fundamental in supporting our retailer location strategy for the last 15 years.


What makes InSite different from other tools?

InSite makes it easy to do complex spatial tasks using guided analysis tools, or for the more advanced user, the freedom to choose your own direction. With apps covering site selection, ranking and benchmarking, customer understanding and reporting, your team can make accurate, intelligent and data-led decisions that drive success. With advice and consulting services offered from location intelligence industry experts, your spatial data integration will be achieved with security, ethics and compliance at the heart of it all.  


Customer segmentation

InSite offers powerful customer segmentation capabilities, enabling you to append data with CACI’s Acorn and our wide range of segmentation tools to define customers, cater to their needs and successfully target new areas. 

Catchment analysis

As competitive markets grow, InSite will help you transform your network strategy to take advantage of the changing landscape. The ability to benchmark new and existing locations will also minimise risk and accelerate growth.

Data intelligence & insight mapping

InSite can help you make the leap from organic to targeted expansion by identifying new locations that complement your portfolio and reach new customers.

Our location intelligence software is a testament to our 35 years of market-leading spatial analysis experience, including data products, apps and services that enrich a business’ spatial ecosystem by disseminating them throughout that business, in any platform, to seamlessly link with your technology ecosystem. 

Find out what CACI’s InSite location intelligence software can do for you. Book a demo and we’ll discuss how we can help your organisation thrive and show you exactly how we solve these problems.

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