Location Dynamics – Financial Footprint

Financial catchment model, defining retail centres across the UK

Financial Footprint is a financial catchment model, defining almost 2,000 centres across the UK, allocating individuals and financial products to each one, to help inform branch network strategies.

With more pressure to optimise the performance of branches than ever before, Financial Footprint is a key part of our network strategy consultancy. It is the most extensive financial centre catchment model available, built from clusters of branches, these in turn generate catchments using sophisticated gravity modelling techniques.

A framework for assessing branch performance

Financial Footprint provides a robust and consistent framework for assessing branch performance across the UK. It was developed from the requirement to review branch networks and understand investment potential. Traditional retail-based models don’t work in the financial services sector, because the distribution of branches is too uniform in comparison with the retail supply, and so a finance-specific model was developed.

The model is updated annually using the latest view of the banking sector across the UK, and an up-to-date snapshot of brands and branches. It is calibrated using sales performance benchmarks from CACI’s Retail Finance Benchmarking Databases, and this produces a solid framework for assessing branch networks.

Financial Footprint can be used to:

  • Understand the complete market including digital channels when used in conjunction with Channel Impact
  • Provide a robust and consistent framework for assessing branch performance across the UK
  • Inform branch network strategies utilising market share information and the catchment overlap of each centre
  • Derive market share for each Financial Footprint centre through the gravity model