Driving better student outcomes with analysis across the entire learning journey

A comprehensive student information system brings your institution, college or university closer to the students studying with you. Communicating with them, receiving information on them relevant to their education from their previous schools and bringing the closer to their education helps keep them informed and satisfied with your services.

Your students are demanding and expecting more from you than ever before. The changes in tuition fees have made higher and further education journeys a real financial commitment, so students are eager to get the most out of their investment. Many colleges and universities, however, haven’t been able to keep pace with the changes, with knowledge being siloed into different departments, educators and systems. Seeing the whole picture has been challenging and opportunities have been lost as a result.


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Connect your students to their journey

Real-time analytics enable students to track their offers, grades, progress and achievements as they go via the OSIRIS Student App. The app also enables them to communicate with their tutors, view timetables, locate and organise sessions, report absences, upload assessments, read campus news – plus a plethora of other functionality that can be tailored for and by each individual. The benefit this brings for you is rich data insight at both the individual and aggregate levels. It enables you to analyse patterns, trends and performance across the board, spot early warning signs around a student’s behaviour and intervene to ensure that all students are fully supported along their journey.

  • Connected: connect students to their tutors and surroundings
  • Interoperable: OSIRIS connects with your other software to provide a holistic overview
  • Simple and secure: a cloud-based SaaS solution, OSIRIS is easy to set up, configure and use
  • Mobile: OSIRIS Student App is white labelled and puts their education in your students’ hands
  • Insight: gather data from across your student population to make informed decisions

For over 20 years, European colleges and universities have been operating their student experience through OSIRIS’s central, transparent hub for over 430,000 students. OSIRIS has been designed to be flexible, configurable and white labelled, so you can set it up the way you need it and keep your students interacting with your interface. Ultimately, the aim of your service is to help your students attain the bet grades that they can. By bringing them closer to your services and connecting them to your campus, OSIRIS supports this goal.