Drive change with an industry leading data warehouse designed for the NHS

NHS Trusts need their data to be accurate, reliable and readily available at all times for critical reporting and decision making. However, this can be one of the biggest struggles for data professionals across the NHS. Achieve data readiness, completeness and accuracy through InView, CACI’s NHS data warehouse solution.

InView has transformed data reporting and decision making, through providing Trusts with a single, governed version of the truth, that drives consistent data accuracy that impacts outcomes across the whole trust.

InView has been specifically designed for the NHS market and has been implemented at many NHS Trusts nationwide over the past 15 years of CACI partnering with the NHS. Delivering the ability to report internally and externally, as well as seamlessly integrating with existing Business Intelligence toolsets.

Modular by design, InView comes with over 30 modules out of the box and with its breadth of content, and ability to integrate multiple data sources to each of its modules, it will empower the Trust to easily implement a data warehouse solution and BI function for all reporting requirements. This ensures all data reporting, whether internal or external, are using the same data repository providing the confidence of correctness, consistency and completeness.


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CACI’s NHS data warehouse solution


Drive change through an easy implementation of a fit for purpose data warehouse solution designed specifically for the NHS.

  • Consistency: A single, governed version of the truth, that drives consistent numbers for use in decision making, financial measurement, forecasting and the sharing of information across NHS trusts
  • Availability: With real-time data updates, clinicians and staff can make time critical decisions at the  point of needs with confidence
  • Efficiency: Automated processes and reporting allow analysts better allocate time to focusing on strategic trust goals
  • Flexibility: Ability to adapt to change and new requests through use of local extension
  • Volume: through storing more historic data than ever before, new analysis can help make informed decisions for departments

Our commitment to the NHS

CACI are heavily invested in the NHS and are proud to have provided a range of services to over 150 NHS customers across Acute, Mental Health, Community and ambulance settings.

Our breath of experience working across the NHS means we have a deep understanding of the processes, constraints and day-to-day pressures. We harness this knowledge and experience to shape the data warehouse solution for every trust, in order to deliver the positive outcomes that can have a direct impact in many areas of the trust.

We also understand that with the high volume of mandated statutory changes and local reporting requirements, providing a fully maintained solution helps reduce the burden of change on trust informatics teams. InView solves this challenge by providing all key statutory reporting requirements, which are fully maintained by CACI in line with NHS change notifications as part of our core product releases.

As changes are made to NHS definitions, statutory returns or CDS extracts, CACI receives change notifications directly and prioritises the updates in line with the prescribed deadlines. This provides Trusts with the confidence to meet mandated changes on time and enables analysts to focus on other priorities such as creating insights from the solution that can inform service improvements.

CACI take data compliance, data quality and data security very seriously. Since data is at the heart of everything we do, we ensure that our procedures and processes are rigorous and follow best practice. We have been providing solutions to the NHS for over 15 years including secure HSCN hosting, consultancy and applications including our InView NHS Data Warehouse application.

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