InView: the modular data platform built for the NHS

Drive change with an industry leading data platform designed for the NHS

Achieve data readiness, completeness and accuracy through InView

NHS organisations are under constant pressure to deliver meaningful business intelligence that encompasses improved patient care outcomes, enhanced efficiency and collaboration and accurate reporting.

InView is a state-of-the-art, modular data platform designed to empower your NHS organisation. It is a low cost of ownership and high return data warehouse solution made for NHS organisations. InView provides you with a single integrated version of the truth that helps facilitate data sharing in a cohesive and secure way– not only within your organisation, but with ICS partners and NHSE too. InView has transformed data reporting by enabling you to unlock the evidence-based decision-making potential of your data to aid the execution of your organisation’s strategy.

As a fully integrated data platform, InView has over 30 modules out of the box, a plethora of content and the ability to integrate multiple data sources to each of its modules. Its rapid implementation, integration and deployment capabilities developed by our specialist team help you get the most out of your data, from the simple implementation of a data platform solution to BI function for all reporting requirements.

How InView and CACI can help you access the collaborative insight you need to deliver the best patient services - today and in the future.

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What can InView do for your organisation?

InView empowers your organisation to meet current and future NHS challenges and drive change through the simple implementation of a fit for purpose data platform solution, with a range of organisation-wide benefits:

  • Consistency: Drives consistent numbers for use in decision making, financial measurement, forecasting and information sharing across NHS organisations.
  • Availability: With real-time data updates, clinicians and staff can make time-sensitive decisions with confidence.
  • Efficiency: Automated processes and reporting help analysts better allocate time to focusing on strategic goals.
  • Quality: Promotes an information-driven culture from the floor to the board. Aligned with NHS Digital’s strategic direction, it provides quality analytics and allows for increased data literacy, with a low total cost of ownership and high return.
  • Flexibility: Adapts to change and new requests through local extension.
  • Predictive: An asset for analysing trends to help make better population health planning decisions moving forward.

Our commitment to the NHS

For over 20 years, CACI has been heavily invested in the NHS and is proud to supply a range of services to over 150 NHS customers across Acute, Mental Health, Community and ambulance settings. We have developed an innate understanding of the processes, constraints and day-to-day pressures faced by these organisations through our extensive experience working across the NHS and harness this knowledge to manufacture solutions accordingly.

We also understand that with the high volume of mandated statutory changes and local reporting requirements, a fully maintained solution can reduce the burden of change on trust informatics teams. InView solves this by providing all key statutory reporting requirements, which are fully maintained.

We are constantly adapting InView to meet the changing requirements of NHS organisations and patients alike. Our commitment and investment into its ongoing adaptations ensures that it remains the leading data platform.

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