Location Dynamics – Local Footprint

Over 38,000 shopping, leisure and convenience service locations

Local Footprint identifies the location, strength, nature and catchment of locations ranging from the smallest retail strips to distinct zones within major city centres. Including up-to-date lists of retailers, banks, pharmacies, post offices, petrol stations, transport stops and other convenience services, an intelligent use of mobile app data with Acorn demographics provides detailed insights into how customers interact with these destinations – from the purpose of visit to a split by time of day, day of week and seasonality.

Detailed understanding of your customer-facing locations

Local Footprint is ideal for understanding any location, whether to simply understand the geographical context, as a foundation for strategy, analysis and modelling or for tailoring ranges, formats and marketing, and is used extensively in our work with many sectors – from leisure to finance, and grocery to out of home advertising.

Get the complete picture of the local landscape and insights into the function served by different locations, so you can invest in the best locations with confidence, knowing the exact nature of the opportunity, behaviours, and preferences of visitors.

Our Add Ons

 In addition to Local footprints, the following Location Dynamics add-ons can help you with specific and more granular insights,

  • Mobile App Data: Unparalleled insight into detailed consumer activity within centres, including visit patterns by time of day, demographic, weekday vs weekend, and the split between resident, worker and tourists.

Geodemographic Segmentation Data with Local Footprint

We can also add geodemographic segmentation data to Local Footprint, including Acorn (CACI’s leading segmentation of residential neighbourhoods for our UK clients). This allows us to show you how, who, where, when and why people interact with space because of CACI’s wealth of big data sources.  

Visualise the Data we hold

Local Footprint is supported by powerful dashboards that help you see and interact with the detailed data we hold, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions that help you to make key business decisions, increasing profitability and reducing wastage.