Consistent and reliable gross household income estimates for all UK postcodes

Income reflected by Paycheck is gross household income from all sources including earnings, benefits and investments. It provides income by band from £5,000 up to £200,000+ as well as mean, median, mode and lower quartile.

Paycheck provides financial health intelligence about the UK population at detailed postcode level, delivering detailed insight and data enhancement not available via other sources.

Insight gleaned from Paycheck is used by the private sectors to support decision-making such as (i) planning applications for home builders, (ii) the provision of premium banking services and advisors as well as (iii) informing underwriting decisions.

Public Sector organisations make use of Paycheck to understand and benchmark affordability, assess the effects of welfare reform changes and allocate resources effectively.

More advanced users of Paycheck have included the dataset as an input variable supporting statistical modelling.


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