Gain control of your data and costing models

User friendly design and easy implementation

Ease of use and flexibility are at the forefront of Synergy’s design, and it comes complete with prepopulated standards (datasets, allocations, methodologies). This enables the end user to produce costs at the patient level prescribed by NHSI and NHSE easily and efficiently. Simple to set up, economical, high performing and secure (HSCN connected facility), with Healthcare Costing Standards already configured by CACI, Synergy allows you to spend more time on analysis of your results.

Features and benefits

Synergy’s income integration means users can allocate income (at the GL level) to Patient Episodes using Flex Allocation queries based on the data from your Income system. This enables the full allocation of income down to patient level, which can be reviewed and visualised in an easy to use way through the Qlik Sense Service Line Reporting app.

  • Embedded with market leading analytics
  • Secure web browser access
  • Fast calculation times
  • Full cost traceability
  • Exception analysis with full audit trail
  • Costed patient activity mapping

Our team of CIMA qualified accountants, technical architects and business intelligence experts work with you throughout each stage of our project delivery framework, guiding you beyond delivery to ensure continued success to your organisation.


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Synergy4 - Patient Level costing

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Get the most out of your costing solution

We focus on engaging with stakeholders across your organisation to guide and build your knowledge. We equip you with the skills to get the most out of your costing solution, meet your requirements and improve patient outcomes.

Our customer care function provides clients access to a dedicated team of qualified, experienced Technical Consultants, and our Customer Success Programme, ensures customers continue to get the best out of their investment.

Improve your patient outcomes

CACI works with Trusts across the NHS, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their patient pathway and costs, in order to make decisions that improve patient outcomes.

Our experience working across business intelligence in the NHS means we have a breath of insight and knowledge into the challenges Trusts face and are able to provide tools and solutions that facilitate continual improvements.


Our clients

It’s easy to pull data and insight out which helps us engage with stakeholders

Lillian Auma, Head of Costing and SLR @ Croyden Health Services

CACI take you on the journey to continuously improve the product, so it works better for all of us.

Clare Jacklin, Costing Manager @ Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

Synergy helps us to negotiate with our main commissioner for further funding

Paul Vincent, Head of Costing @ Oxford Health

Synergy delivers more value and cost savings than any other provider we’ve seen

Peter Fry, Head of Costing and SLR, @ Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

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