Wellbeing Acorn

Powerful consumer segmentation tool

CACI has developed Wellbeing Acorn to identify these groups and to quantify their health and wellbeing needs. Wellbeing Acorn offers the opportunity for an improved understanding of the issues of local communities and the ability to target health improvement activities.

Wellbeing Acorn is almost exclusively used across the public sector by organisations such as central and local government, NHS & public health and emergency services.

For further information on Wellbeing Acorn and how it can help you understand and target customers and service users call one of our data specialists.

Understand your customers

Wellbeing Acorn can be used to profile cohorts of customers, residents or service users painting a detailed picture of the dominant segments within the communities you serve. This insight will allow you to understand demographic, lifestyle and behavioural characteristics which influence the health and wellbeing needs of neighbourhoods.

Wellbeing Acorn provides users with an understanding of their communities in accordance with their health and wellbeing needs. The insight provided will easily help you to identify those most at-risk and vulnerable residents, enabling you to assess need and demand, prioritise delivery of services and plan your comms and engagement strategy. Furthermore, it will act as an evidence base for decision-making hen implementing targeted interventions or improvement strategies.