There is still value in direct mail to reach customers and prospects

Using the Royal Mail’s latest selection files, AnaBase organises your mailing just the way they like it. This enables you to take advantage of the various discounts for mailings that are pre-sorted to their criteria.

We work closely with the Royal Mail to make sure our software is in line with their latest rules. In fact, we’re one of the few companies accredited by them to do this. So, your mailing list and your budget is in good hands.

  • Efficient – de-duplicate your mailing list and save money with Royal Mail
  • Pre-sort – arrange your direct mail campaigns the way Royal Mail like them
  • Multi-sender – AnaBase works with Royal Mail, TNT and UK Mail
  • Royal Mail accredited – work with a trusted partner

AnaBase gives you peace of mind – let us take care of your address management, mail sorting and submission. We work with a number of companies to support their direct mail campaigns, so why not discover why?