Shopper Dimensions

Powerful comparative analysis of your assets

What is data without context? Shopper Dimensions allows you to benchmark the KPIs of your asset against similar locations across the UK, putting your performance into context and enabling you to use our insights to make better decisions.

CACI carry out primary research in over 150 retail and leisure venues across the UK each year, covering everything from prime central London locations to small retail and shopping parks.

All of this data is aggregated to allow you to anonymously benchmark your performance against a pool of similar locations.

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Shopper DimensionsSpeak to an expert

Using our database of over 1 million customer records we can help you understand:

  • How your asset is performing compared to similar locations
  • Whether the trends you are seeing are also being observed in other places
  • Whether you have room to improve performance in certain areas
  • Whether you could be encouraging visitors to engage in higher value missions
  • How opinions of your location compare to the national average

Whether it is measuring KPIs (average spend, dwell time etc.) or understanding who is visiting your location and why there are there, you need the context of the wider market performance. Only Shopper Dimensions can provide you with the wealth of data to allow you to do this with confidence.