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Acorn is CACI’s flagship geodemographic segmentation tool. It provides a rich and detailed understanding of consumer characteristics for people and places across the UK.

Acorn segments the UK population into one of 62 Acorn types. These describe the demographic make-up of a postcode.

You can profile your customers to create powerful insight that helps you define and create well-targeted messaging for different consumers. Or you can aggregate the data to understand your catchment areas better.

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What is Acorn?

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Our clients

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Acorn has given us a better understanding of demand across different Acorn Groups, allowing us to better serve our customers.

Affinity Water

Acorn allows us to enhance our support insights and ensure that our communications are relevant and timely.

Anton Ivankiv, Head of Business Planning & Strategy, RSPB

With the Acorn data, we’ve been able to break down demand by area to understand the opportunity for leakage reduction.

Scott Young, Leakage Delivery Team Leader, Scottish Water

Discover the best locations to target your top prospects

Once you understand your key Acorn segments, you can find areas of the country that have similar Acorn profiles.

This information helps you pick sites for new retail stores, optimise your branch network, tailor your product offerings or plan your media strategy.

Identifying Key Locations for City Sophisticates

Tailor messaging to individual Acorn groups

With Acorn insight, you can tailor messaging to your customer or prospects to focus on the things they’ll be interested in. Our Demographic Data API also provides real-time coding of customer records. That means from the moment customers engage or register, you can personalise the content they receive.

Acorn microsegments (the most detailed level of Acorn data) can be re-aggregated and combined with your transactional data, to develop bespoke customer segmentations.

Tailor Communications based on Acorn Segment

Acorn data is valuable and actionable across all industry sectors:  

  • Retail – understand the catchment around your store and improve insight into store performance and range planning  
  • FMCG – plan workable and balanced sales territories by understanding the likely demand for products within each territory 
  • Utilities – target the most appropriate messages to different types of consumer, to help reduce water consumption  
  • Public sector – encourage recycling or uptake of services more effectively. Understanding the characteristics of residents supports increased community engagement that can lead to behaviour change.  
  • Media – target relevant content at readers or identify areas of high potential for optimising media spend 

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