The work you do helps every child to live a safe and crime-free life. Where youth offending does occur, your intervention and support enables positive outcomes for those involved and our wider society. The ChildView Youth Justice database and reporting system is designed to help you do just that.

You get a rich and accurate view of what’s going on in the system when you need it, with all the latest multi-agency information and activity in one place. ChildView makes it easier for your team to make sharp, informed and confident decisions to find ways to give every child the opportunity to live a safe and crime-free life.

Our team has longstanding, first-hand knowledge of the challenging work and environment that youth justice practitioners deal with. We’ve designed ChildView to fit the everyday, complex demands of the job, including browser-based access from a PC, laptop or tablet, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface that’s easy to learn and use. Different teams can securely access specific screens and views, with role-based settings for managers and multi-professional practitioners.

ChildView gives you a single point of access and exchange for high quality, rich and meaningful child journey data; providing information for informed decision making at all levels:

  • Comprehensive caseload views help you rapidly monitor every aspect of casework
  • An events timeline shows you the entire young person’s journey before and after entering the Youth Justice system
  • Built-in specialist reports give you insights that can help you create early intervention strategies to tackle hidden, unmet needs earlier, and to manage service costs more effectively

We believe in joining the dots in every young person’s journey. Improving their outcomes is fuelled by a comprehensive understanding of their story. Linking the impact of factors such as trauma and abuse to their current situation helps build this understanding. Furthermore, linking and sharing vital information with other agencies involved in their story helps – siloed information doesn’t work for anyone. ChildView helps you to extract and understand the information that will underpin exceptional service delivery and a child-first approach.


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