Retail Footprint

An unrivalled view of the UK’s retail landscape

Retail Footprint defines and ranks the potential for over 6,000 retail centres across the UK. You can see each destination’s market size, catchment, retail mix, market position, consumer profile (Acorn), channel mix and centre dynamics.

Retail Footprint is unique in the market, because it considers how attractive different centres are to specific demographic groups. We can describe what, who, where, when and why people interact with space because of CACI’s wealth of big data sources. This means Retail Footprint delivers unrivalled insight into the dynamics of each centre – for example, how and when residents, workers and tourists engage with specific destinations.


Specific, granular location intelligence

Use Retail Footprint to deliver location intelligence in a range of sectors and use cases:

  • Develop detailed data-led network strategies for expansion, optimisation, right- sizing, format selection, channel integration, local and tailored product ranging
  • Understand the impact of online and assess worker and tourist spend in retail centres
  • Quantify market size, forecast sales and cannibalisation/sales transfer in each centre
  • Support site feasibility assessments
  • Visualise centre catchments and describe who shops in each location, to help tailor marketing activity

Accurate, up-to-date modelling

We update Retail Footprint every six months, to keep pace with the ever-changing retail landscape and shifting consumer behaviour. This means you can be confident you’re always working with accurate data and formulating analysis that reflects the latest situation in UK retail.