Brand Dimensions

Understanding brand performance through online & offline consumer spend data

What is Brand Dimensions?

Brand Dimensions tracks 300 of the UK’s most popular and emerging brands, revealing up-to-date total spend, sales and average transaction value across brands, split by industry, demographic and location to provide you game-changing insights. This exciting dataset covers nearly £4 billion in monthly transactional consumer spend.

Brand Dimensions is built using transactional spend data, revealing consumer spending over time at brand level to help businesses understand consumer behaviour and prepare for any future changes, and details transactions mapped against CACI’s Acorn Consumer Classification. The platform is updated monthly and is accessible to customers via an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard.

Through Brand Dimensions, you can uncover the competitive landscape by seeing which brands are taking the largest share of customer spend.

Who does Brand Dimensions benefit? 

Consumer brands: Brand Dimensions enables consumer brands to understand their market share at a regional level across both online and offline channels and gain unparalleled insight into who their customer is and how their competitors are performing. 

Landlords: Through Brand Dimensions, landlords can benchmark occupier performance, support leasing strategies and assess opportunities in the market. 

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What are the capabilities of Brand Dimensions? 

Brand Dimensions is a state-of-the-art product built on real, actual spend data as opposed to survey data, which has enabled CACI’s performance tracking of 300 brands across the UK on a monthly basis. It can also track each brand’s category spend and can be split into 22 Acorn groups across over 40 regions, ensuring that businesses will remain ahead of the game when it comes to market reporting. 

Brand Dimensions will support businesses by:  

  • Tracking market share to understand how a brand has performed compared to the category that it sits within, and will show average transaction values or transactions over time.  
  • Supplying views of both online and offline shares due to the dataset being broken down by channels.
  • Demonstrating the demographic and regional composition of various brands across the country, how they interact with distinct groups and how they change over time.
  • Identifying several core consumer behaviour themes including spending, socialisation and subscription usage patterns backed by data for businesses to consider and strategically plan around.
  • Predicting consumer behaviour trends in the coming year based on last year’s data results to continue to plan accordingly.
  • Analysing consumer behaviour trends across several businesses and sectors to generate accurate findings and ensure that businesses are aligned to actual growth and sales results. 

How can Brand Dimensions help businesses plan around consumer behaviour changes? 

Brand Dimensions data can be used to make business critical decisions. The ways in which this data can be deciphered include measuring and tracking market share, understanding competitor performance, quantifying marketing effectiveness, market sizing, assessing new consumer opportunities and prioritising locations for expansion.