Location Dynamics – Leisure Footprint

A comprehensive view of leisure landscape and spend across the UK

Leisure Footprint is CACI’s leisure specific consumer catchment model, reporting and ranking over 6,000 destinations across the UK.

Calibrated using a combination of real transactional spend data, location data and extensive face-to-face research – Leisure Footprint gives a unique perspective on the available leisure spend for major city centres, leisure parks, shopping centres, small rural towns and everything else in between.

One of the unique features of Leisure Footprint is that each centre is uniquely assessed by combining all the factors that affect performance, including the quality and quantity of leisure provision, consumer demographics, competition and much more. Detailed centre catchments highlight the overall market potential for five key categories (e.g. food, alcoholic drinks, entertainment) split by residential, worker and tourist spend.

Granular analysis on consumer spending behaviour

The way we shop, spend our leisure time, and engage with space has changed forever. This means that brands and places need to rethink how they connect to their customers, from acquisition, through marketing, engagement, delivery and location.

Representing true consumer spending habits and an accurate picture of local market potential, Leisure Footprint can,

  • Quantify the reach of a centre and the shape of its catchment
  • Provide detail on who shops where, and how much spend flows through a centre
  • Estimate available expenditure within each centre
  • Understand the demographic profile of each centre by Leisure Acorn
  • Assist in location planning decisions and network optimisation
  • Quantify the potential of digital channels (e.g. delivery)
  • Assess market share and site performance
  • Better understand network overlaps and cannibalisation

Our Add Ons

In addition to Leisure footprint, the following Location Dynamics add-ons can help you with specific and more granular insights,

  • City Zones: Boundaries for distinct zones of activity (different types of retail, leisure etc) within the 100 or so largest centres in the UK
  • Leisure List: List of all leisure premises in the UK