Location Dynamics

Powerful Location Intelligence

What is Location Dynamics

Location Dynamics brings together a range of CACI’s location intelligence products, which can provide you with detailed location-specific insights for over 38,000 locations, ranging from large shopping centres through to local high streets, across key industry sectors like Retail, Leisure, Grocery, Convenience and Finance.

Location Dynamics defines and ranks the potential of locations and their catchments helping businesses to make strategic data-driven decisions and maximise their profitability.

CACI’s suite of location intelligence products to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Our Location Offerings

Location dynamics caters to the location planning strategies of brands & organisations within the following industries and sectors:

Retail: Catchments for comparison goods retail shopping of over 6000 destinations across the UK, for opportunity sizing, developing and validating estate strategies, understanding customer flow and expenditure for brand alignment.

Leisure: Catchments for leisure offerings (including food & beverages) of over 6000 destinations across the UK to assist in location planning, assessing market share, understanding demographics, outlet performance and overlap between outlets.

Grocery: Catchments and resulting estimated market share for all supermarkets in the UK, to understand store attractiveness, available residential expenditure, population and demographics of each area.

Financial: A robust and consistent framework for assessing performance across 1,700 clusters of financial branches in the UK to understand the market share, branch network strategies and the catchment overlap of each centre.

Local Services: Comprehensive information on 38,000+ local centres offering convenience shopping or services (such as post offices, banks and transport hubs) to understand available outlets, services and visitor flow for location planning, expansion and provisioning.

Our Add Ons

 In addition to the footprints, the following Location Dynamics add-ons can help you with specific and more granular insights:

  • Centre Dynamics: Historical assessment of change in characteristics within a centre, like strength of retail, rate of premise churn
  • Centre Futures: Forecasts the impact of upcoming centre developments on Retail catchments up to 10 years into the future
  • Centre Pitch: Granular view and comparison of retail offerings at and around each postcode within a centre
  • City Zones: Boundaries for distinct zones of activity (different types of retail, leisure etc) within the 100 or so largest centres in the UK
  • Mobile App Data: Unparalleled insight into detailed consumer activity within centres, including visit patterns by time of day, demographic, weekday vs weekend, and the split between resident, worker and tourists
  • Retail List / Leisure List / Grocery List: Lists of all retail, leisure, supermarkets and convenience premises in the UK
  • Retail Parks List: Identifies the individual named retail parks across the UK
  • Shopping Centre List: Identifies the named shopping centres in the UK (typically malls and covered shopping centres)

How can Location Dynamics help your Business?

Location Dynamics can help to deliver location intelligence for a range of sectors and use cases:

  • Develop detailed data-led network strategies for expansion, optimisation, right-sizing, format selection, channel integration, and tailored product ranging
  • Understand the impact of online and assess worker and tourist spend in centres
  • Quantify market size, forecast sales and cannibalisation/sales transfer in each centre
  • Support site feasibility assessments
  • Visualise centre catchments and describe who shops in each location to help tailor marketing activity