Ocean: The UK’s leading consumer database

Leverage the power of profiling data to create comprehensive customer profiles and effectively target your market segment.

Understanding your customers is crucial in today’s competitive world. At CACI, we’ve created Ocean, a leading-edge consumer database covering the UK population, that provides insight on demographic, digital, lifestyle and attitudinal characteristic data for individuals within households. This insightful profiling data allows you to target your messaging, develop propositions, create customer profiles, understand the UK market and find new customers.

By combining data from the Edited Electoral Roll, research surveys, open data, government data and many other sources, we’ve created a picture of the UK population that you can apply to your own customers.

Appending any of Ocean’s 600 attributes to your consumers creates a powerful input into segmentations and propensity models. By having access to consumer data covering a range of useful variables such as attitudes and behaviours around shopping, technology, finance, social networking, you can profile and identify lookalike audiences for prospecting with offline and digital advertising.

Using CACI’s consumer database, you will gain accurate consumer profiling data and have the ability to produce customer-centric marketing; understand your customers’ lifestyle, characteristics, attitudes, and behaviour; create pen portraits, and successfully utilise segmentation targeting and positioning to grow your business.

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