Supporting and delivering improved outcomes across the educational journey

Delivering the best possible service and improving outcomes for children sits at the heart of your education services. By engaging in a collaborative process with you, IMPULSE Nexus from CACI is designed to help you achieve these goals.

IMPULSE Nexus from CACI is designed to facilitate a collaborative process with your people to help you achieve these goals. A flexible software solution, IMPULSE’s modular design means that you can use as much or as little of it as you need to underpin and support every area of your service delivery. IMPULSE Nexus ensures that you have the right tools in place to support parents/guardians, schools and professionals in working with all the children in your local authority.


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Transparent, efficient, effective

Comprised of 17 modules, IMPULSE Nexus provides a holistic view of each child’s educational journey, from early years onwards. A complete record of each child can be built, with information made easily, readily and directly available to relevant parties throughout their journey.

This central, shareable record reduces duplication of work and helps to automate parts of the process, leaving your teams with more time to focus on improving outcomes rather than expend extra effort with avoidable administrative tasks.

The child’s record can be made available to the various parties collaborating so that parents/guardians have transparency, schools can access the pupil record to make updates via the school portal and professionals working on the child’s case can access relevant data and make contributions accordingly in a structured way. This makes managing each child’s journey easier and much more efficient.

By integrating all aspects of a child’s educational journey in one system, IMPULSE removes blind spots from each educational journey, making it easier to identify risks and link a child’s circumstances to their education and support needs, helping you to deliver the best options, and a fair and inclusive education service.

Education journeys can become tangled in avoidable cul-de-sacs and misalignment due to gaps in meeting demand, with the task of data capture becoming more cumbersome. In helping to remove those waves, IMPULSE Nexus frees you to focus on giving all children at all times, the best education offers possible.