Location Intelligence & Strategy

How do people interact with places? When you understand this, you can make successful investment, development and operational decisions. We use data in amazing ways to answer your business-critical questions about location opportunities, including current performance and future growth in revenue and sites.

Whether you’re looking at one or hundreds of locations, from Nottingham to Nanjing or anywhere in between, we have the latest and most comprehensive selection of data to fuel cutting-edge analytics, predictive modelling and data science. Our exceptional specialists have experience in every industry sector and razor-sharp skills to match. Whatever you need to know, we have the data… and we know exactly what to do with it to reveal the answers.

Flexible data and knowledge for a world of different needs

We deliver vital data insight to support your location planning decisions. Every day, we tackle complex public sector and commercial intelligence questions for our clients, delivering the comprehensive, actionable research and data evidence they need to make big decisions. From a simple dataset to expert consultancy on the best route to insight or an in-depth report, we have advanced algorithms, tools and dynamic consumer data at our fingertips.

Data science for people and places

Work with us to gain a true understanding of the consumer behaviour and demand that influence the success of your locations.

  • Unique, detailed demographic profiling for context
  • Open data from a vast range of sources
  • Leading-edge mobile and banking data
  • All data is GDPR compliant and responsibly sourced
  • Expert consultancy for projects of any size and scope

With smart, multi-faceted insight from CACI, you can make crucial decisions and focus investment with confidence. With proven experience in every industry and geography, we have unique datasets and sources that deliver vital information for our clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of data insight or an experienced data science professional. We’re eternally curious and passionate about helping every client unlock the best and most relevant insight for their unique needs.


Location Consultancy

Delivering data-led insight in context - for investment, divestment, development and repurposing.

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Sales Forecasting

Predictive modelling that combines powerful data sources to reveal revenue potential of location.

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Network Optimisation

Situate and configure each outlet in the network to satisfy demand.

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Customer Insight

Consumer and user research delivers direct, highly targeted insight for your brand or destination.

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Owner / Occupier Insight

We support successful strategic and commercial decision-making with specialised property insights.

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Investment Analysis

Market-leading data insight into location potential. Understand investment opportunities.

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Market Insight

Understand new markets and monitor change and opportunities in locations around the world.

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Our clients

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries
British Red Cross
Coventry City Council
Five Guys

CACI have been a vital partner in developing a sustainable but ambitious expansion strategy.

Richard Collier, Five Guys JV Ltd

The insights provided have enabled us to target workers that love our brand and open new units that have proved successful.

Vishal Taljera, itsu

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