Network Optimisation

How do you know whether your network is performing optimally? Where’s the best place to add or remove outlets or distribution points? Would a different format perform better? We’ve built amazingly powerful datasets to give you the answers across your network.

In every operating sector, the market and catchments change constantly. After Covid, the pace of change in consumer behaviour has increased even more. A health-conscious and aging population demands more leisure, health and care services and facilities. Household eating out and takeaway habits have changed. Demand for vehicles is different. New housing and workplaces are being built. Looking at your network in context, we can help you prioritise change, investment and expansion in the locations with most growth and profit potential.

Balance and optimise your network’s performance

We combine data-based evidence with future trend insights and research. You get comprehensive, actionable reports, dashboards or specialist tools that show you the true potential of your existing network. Our modelling shows how you could reshape it to meet proven demand from consumers with the financial means to purchase. Innovative thinking can reveal new opportunities. Your outlets may have potential for click and collect or takeaway services as well as traditional retail or hospitality. There may be a halo effect for your online sales. We help you explore, model and test scenarios before committing to investment.

Many factors interact to determine network performance

It’s not just about making sure there’s consumer demand for your proposition in the catchment. You need to factor in competition, overlapping catchments, logistics and multi-channel operations. And don’t forget future change in population and spending.

  • Measure cannibalisation
  • Understand competitor impacts
  • Identify positive and negative neighbour brands
  • Model interaction between outlets and online
  • Assess the effect on distribution networks

Our location intelligence experts know the economic factors, catchments and consumer behaviours that impact decisions. They’re data specialists and thought leaders in network strategy and development in every sector. They have a finger on the pulse of emerging trends. With so much market change underway, now is a crucial time to seize and size the opportunity to optimise your network – locally nationally or globally.


Customer Insight

Consumer and user research delivers direct, highly targeted insight for your brand or destination.

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Market Insight

Understand new markets and monitor change and opportunities in locations a=round the world.

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Occupier Insight

We support successful strategic and commercial decision-making with specialised property insights.

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Location Consultancy

Delivering data-led insight in context - for investment, divestment, developing and repurposing.

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Sales Forecasting

Predictive modelling that combines powerful data sources to reveal revenue potential of location.

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