The gaming and betting sector is an increasingly dynamic and complex industry that’s experiencing explosive growth, outperforming both films and sports to become the largest entertainment sector today. This creates opportunity for brands to expand. But gamers demand maximum uptime and performance. And tighter regulations also apply continuous pressure to protect your customers.

The pandemic drove many players to online channels, so there’s been a surge of spending. With so many transactions taking place every day, gaming brands have access to an unparalleled volume of customer data. Turning this data into action is the key to making the most of opportunities and keeping ahead of competitors. Behind the scenes, you need high performance network capabilities and robust IT infrastructure to deliver the experience your customers demand.

Grow player value through data insight and flawless delivery

With CACI’s demographic and consumer data, you can build a deeper understanding of your customer. Combine data to create a single customer view and you can more clearly understand what drives and motivates your customer. You’ll also have better visibility over spending habits, so you can deliver the personalised customer experiences that drive customer loyalty. And – very importantly – you can effectively identify and protect customers who are potentially vulnerable.

For your day-to-day operations, we provide cutting-edge networking and IT solutions. We’ll make sure your systems can withstand peaks in demand and provide continuity of service. Our experienced consultants can help you assess your current network and IT infrastructure capability, make recommendations, and implement improvements to optimise performance.

The power to prosper with responsibility

Our technology and data services for gaming allow you to:

  • Optimise your data to deliver customer insights that inform decisions and strategy
  • Retain more customers and gain competitive edge
  • Eliminate system inefficiencies and latency
  • Provide high performance and continuity of service
  • Maintain governance and control for responsible gaming operations

Our combined expertise in data, efficient marketing technology and data science makes us the perfect partner to support you with building a customer strategy that’s targeted, tailored and automated, to deliver ROI in gaming and betting. Our delivery expertise means we can provide the robust infrastructure and technology solutions that support market-leading customer experience and efficient operations and allow you to grow and innovate.


Consumer & Demographic Data

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Customer Marketing Solutions

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Data Science & Analytics

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Network & Infrastructure Services

Optimal network performance to ensure seamless operations.

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