Automotive brands deliver ‘experience’. And that experience begins with physical and digital interaction with the brand - way before the customer takes the keys. The better you can understand your customer and what they want, the better chance you have of success. You need a trusted partner with the most accurate data. That’s us.

Consumers are driving change

It’s a time of revolutionary change for the automotive sector. The development and deployment of electric vehicles continues at pace. Consumers’ attitudes towards sustainability have changed significantly. We’re not just talking technical innovation – retail innovation has erupted too. It’s no longer just about dealerships, it’s showrooms, customisation and community.
Increasingly, the automotive customer journey is a combination of online and offline, as digital infrastructure improves. At what point in the journey does your customer cross from one to the other? What drives them to engage with each channel? How can you ensure a seamless experience across channels?

Your trusted data and insight partner

Working with CACI, you have access to a team of experts that eat, sleep, and breathe location intelligence, consumer insight, and customer experience. There is no other team out there that has access to such accurate and detailed data, combined with expertise in building customer journeys for maximum impact. Supported by their insight, you can be confident in your location and customer marketing strategy decisions.

It’s consumers that drive change: if you want to keep up with them, you need to be the first to understand the trends that will shape your business. We have a finger on the pulse of consumer attitudes and behaviours. Our detailed demographic classification means we can pinpoint where your target markets are and how to reach them, to deliver a tailored customer experience.


Cloud & Managed Services

Our Cloud and managed service offerings provides agility, scalability and efficiency on your terms.

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Consumer & Demographic Data

Become data-driven with our suite of demographic and location datasets.

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Customer Marketing Solutions

Give your marketing the edge with our end-to-end marketing strategy expertise.

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Data Science and Analytics

Turn data into actionable insight with the help of our expert data scientists.

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Location Intelligence & Strategy

Data insight and consultancy to support your location planning decisions.

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