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Effectively and efficiently operating transport services requires effective systems, good data and careful planning & execution. We believe that we can play a fundamental role in improving the outcomes of the transport industry for the benefit of its end users, as well as those employed to operate, maintain and manage the services.

CACI provides flexible solutions to transport operatives in analysing, running and enhancing your operations. Whether you need to schedule your workforce effectively, need to use your data more effectively or need to upgrade your IT Infrastructure, we can help drive the processes and capture the data you need for your operations as well as understanding the cost.

We have vast experience in this sector and have been helping rail operators, airport authorities and vital road network maintenance providers to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

RADAR - Make better use of your train data

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Keep your services running smoothly

Delivering safe and reliable transport services that the public can trust requires innovative and adaptive thinking, drawing on real data insights to make informed decisions. Our extensive experience in this sector spans a wide variety of organisations with vastly different needs and we have delivered key infrastructure, workforce management and maintenance to clients.

CACI offer solutions in the following areas:

Real-Time Data

Our RADAR solution uses your fleet’s real-time data to solve operational issues and manage trespass on the railway.

Workforce Management

We can make sure that you have the right people performing the right tasks at the right time and gain a holistic view of your workforce and its skills and competencies.

Data Platforms

We have extensive experience of building transport data platforms that will aid your operations by making it easy to glean valuable insights from the most relevant data. This allows quicker and more accurate operational decisions to be made.

IT Infrastructure

Our fully comprehensive and highly flexible network and IT services for transport can help your organisation succeed, no matter how challenging your individual business objectives.

Logistic Solutions

The optimisation of logistics solutions is one of our key business areas. Whether you have routing, supply chain or merger issues; we can solve them and ensure that your logistics operation becomes incredibly efficient

By taking a collaborative approach, we help transport systems work smarter, faster and more economically, delivering better results for clients, passengers and stakeholders.



Cloud Infrastructure

Our Cloud and managed service offerings provides agility, scalability and efficiency on your terms.

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Data Management

Collect, store and use data in an efficient, effective and secure way.

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Data Science & Analytics

Anticipate supply & demand and stay ahead of the competition through intelligent data.

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Logistics & Route Optimisation

Solutions and expertise to help you drive efficiencies out of everyday operations.

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Network & Infrastructure Services

Optimal network performance to ensure seamless operations.

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Workforce Management

Solutions and expertise to help you optimise every aspect of your field operations.

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