National Security & Defence

Despite the most stringent security requirements, defence leaders need innovative technology that solves long-term problems, and yields measurable results fast. Balancing those requirements takes deep engineering experience. Our unique approach and industry expertise can help you drive project transformation and optimisation – today and tomorrow.

With a track record of successful government, defence and national security project delivery, we offer specialist software and technology consultancy as well as digital transformation services.

Safeguarding the nation and innovating at scale.

Our agile, innovation-led approach to every project helps us to deliver tailored solutions quickly – while keeping an absolute focus on security. And that rapid development helps the agencies that safeguard our country to keep pace with today’s fast-moving threat and technology landscapes.

Our team of skilled delivery staff can help you design, develop, and deploy critical projects – whether on an ad-hoc basis, embedded as part of your team, or using a hybrid approach.

What we offer defence and national security agencies

Our core services include cybersecurity, data management, data science, data analytics as well as cloud and managed services. As a strategic partner, we can help you:

  • Apply innovative techniques to solve critical operational challenges – based on decades of experience working with national security, intelligence and law agencies
  • Deliver solutions that strengthen your capabilities – and maintain a tight focus on your core mission
  • Gain an agile, collaborative approach to project delivery – that meets your changing needs as security threats evolve
  • Harness the latest technologies across your secure networks – backed by our ‘secure by design’ development ethos

Our advanced system, network and software engineering as well as our change management capabilities will help us understand, frame and solve some of your most complex challenges.

By digitally modelling your operations to discover underlying issues – and taking a creative approach to innovative technologies – we help you optimise resource allocation and focus your efforts on more critical tasks.


Our Clients


Data Engineering

Unite and integrate diverse data sets to uncover new insights and get more from your data.

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Open-source and Agile software development techniques to deliver secure, innovative solutions.

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Secure Application Development

Applications that are ‘secure by design’ throughout the development process.

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Secure Cloud Development

Embrace the transformational power of cloud – Securely.

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Network Services

Optimal secure network performance to ensure seamless operations.

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