Network & Infrastructure Consulting Services

Your networking, infrastructure and cybersecurity needs in the hands of experts.

CACI’s expert team are a trusted advisor across the spectrum of IT, Network, NetDevOps and Security Infrastructure and have a deep track record in architecting, designing, building and automating some of the UK’s largest Enterprise and Data Centre environments. 

CACI: ✓ Networked it, ✓ Designed it, ✓ Automated it 

End-to-end IT, network and automation consulting

Our Network & Infrastructure Consulting Services team provides some of the UK’s most vital businesses with high-value consulting and engineering in all aspects of IT and networking. These include:

  • Network Engineering
  • Network Automation (including NetDevOps)
  • Infrastructure Virtualisation
  • Delivery Assurance
  • Business Process
  • Enterprise Data
  • Managed Networks

With the best network architecture and governance in place, you can respond to challenges before they arise and stay one step ahead of the competition.  Our experts will work with you to provide an in-depth assessment of your existing systems or design and deploy a network infrastructure from scratch.  Our end-to-end services and delivery assurance mean that you can focus on what matters to your business instead. Using our Managed Network Services, we remain available 24 hours a day, dedicated to supporting your network requirements. 

With a proven track record of supporting a range of clients in their IT & networking endeavours, our consultants and engineers are ready and willing to share their industry knowledge to benefit your unique business requirements. 

Tailored network & infrastructure solutions

No two organisations operate in the same way. A network solution that works for one client will need to be completely different for another. We’re keenly aware of the distinctive environments our customers operate in. That’s why we take the time to understand your individual needs and provide a network strategy that’s right for you.

We are trusted by the UK’s most successful companies in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Utilities, Media and Government to provide engineering excellence across a comprehensive suite of services, including:

Network Solutions

  • From Enterprise, Data Centre, Cloud, ULL, Load Balancing, Service Provider and beyond, we’ve got your networking needs sorted 

Security Solutions

  • Integrating Zero Trust, migrating to NGFW firewalls, securing the edge with SSE, securing the LAN with 802.1x NAC and more 

Managed Solutions

  • 24/7 management with our UK-based Network Operations and Security Operations Centres 

IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • On-premises to cloud, virtualisation, containers, IaC, IAM, IdP and DevOps and beyond 

Professional Services

  • Technology consulting and advisory services for architecture, design, delivery assurance, service design and more 

Our consulting and engineering services

Our comprehensive end-to-end network design, deployment and management services ensure that we deliver a solution that’s fully integrated with your current network. We’ll make sure we unite all the system elements to function seamlessly as a whole. With solid network infrastructure at its base, your organisation can work leaner, more streamlined and with greater efficiency.

We offer the following capabilities: 


Business Process Services

Business process outsourcing to help you work more efficiently

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Data Centre Solutions

Helping you future-proof your data centre

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Delivery Assurance

Guarantee the right technical talent for your next project

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IT Solutions Architecture & Design

Intricate IT solutions and architecture tailored to your needs

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Network Automation and NetDevOps

Transform your networks with cutting-edge solutions

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CACI adopted Centrica’s existing processes, while proposing and implementing improvements based upon their own knowledge.

Kifi Dalvey, Centrica

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