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Education is a broad journey, from early years through to higher and further education. How can you record and share data throughout this journey more effectively? How do you receive data from external sources? How do you communicate the journey with parents/guardians, local authorities and other schools and institutions?

CACI provides expert services and support to the UK’s education sector. We cover the entire 0-25 journey, from our early years module through to our student information management system for HE/FE institutions. Our comprehensive can support all or part of your system solution. Designed on an open architecture philosophy, we can provide services where you need them to help improve outcomes in the education sector.

Join the dots in every young person’s journey

Information often gets lost along a young person’s educational journey, with information siloed in nurseries, schools and local authorities. Painting a clearer picture of each young person and understanding their journey helps to support them in achieving the best results they can.

Data shows that around 50,000 children are missing out on education in the UK, with many simply going missing in the system. Each journey is different and each journey requires specific support and understanding. CACI helps you to join the dots in each young person’s story, by painting a clearer picture and developing deeper understanding. Together, we can make a difference.

  • 0-25: We’ve got the entire journey covered
  • Collaborate: Make data sharing easy
  • Improve outcomes: Use your data and insight to understand each journey and improve outcomes for young people in your services
  • Flexible: Use what you need, not what you’re given
  • Communicate: Make each journey transparent

Our core modules facilitate improved knowledge across schools and local authorities, parents and guardians, with appropriate permissions enabling knowledge to be accessed and stored. This makes things such as the school admissions process easier and fairer, with local authorities able to make swifter decisions based upon their rules. Parents/guardians can also login to fill out application forms and track the progress of their children. Performance, grades and other information can also be stored against the student’s record and easily shared with their next school or institution. We can help you to make each child’s journey more transparent, fairer and easier to understand.


Understand each child's circumstances and improve their outcomes

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