Data Management

Data is complex. Your organisation requires specialist skills and technology to unify, interpret and leverage data to drive business success. If your business uses data to drive business performance, build customer engagement and streamline operations, you will differentiate yourself from competitors. 

Technological innovation coupled with new communication channels generate and capture ever increasing volumes of data – from digital tracking when consumers navigate websites to IoT Smart metering data measuring electricity and gas consumption.   

But more data does not necessarily result in more value.  To truly unlock the value within data it needs to be stored, organised, maintained and activated effectively. This ensures the data is relevant and compliant while keeping costs low.   

A lack of proper data management can lead to high operating costs, compliance issues and poor customer experiences. 

All your data needs covered - from design to activation 

At CACI, we’ll work with you throughout your data management journey. 

  • Solid data foundations from designing future facing data architecture, embedding informed data governance and data quality processes, to identity resolution and the build of master data management solutions. 
  • Making data actionable: Once the foundations are in place, the value within that data must be unlocked whether through targeted, in-the-moment communication or generating analytics and insights to drive business success. We deliver a true competitive advantage by implementing data activation solutions from reporting to Customer Engagement Platforms (CEP’s) and customer data platforms.  

As data becomes an asset that helps improve and grow services, we can assist you in defining a solution that is as unique as your organisation, integrating the technology you need for centralised data that keeps pace with demand and innovation.  

We also help understand your data, from identifying sources through to how it’s being collected and stored. We work with you to determine the data items that generate the best value to your organisation, as well as process and catalogue your data in a way that makes it easy to identify new paths to insight and action. 

Our specialist knowledge means you can count on us to be at the forefront of innovative new technology and techniques, enabling you to harness the value of your data. We will also support you to meet every changing regulation and robustly demonstrate compliance.  

Data management challenges and solutions 

As organisations move at a faster pace, challenges on managing data start to appear. We can help you overcome these challenges, by:  

  • Helping you understand your data with insights into the sources of data you have, where it is collected and how it is stored 
  • Cooperating with you to architect your data ecosystem so it can be moved quickly, is easily accessible and works for you in the most cost-effective way  
  • Working together to put your data to work designing methods that make it easy to identify new paths to insight and action  
  • Meeting every changing regulation and ensuring your data can be easily reviewed on demand by understanding your compliance requirements 
  • Supporting you to evolve with the ever-changing digital world, working to evolve your data management and infrastructure to leverage the strengths of cloud technology  

If you want to move away from just using instinct to using reliable data to drive business success, we can help.


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