Consumer & Demographic Data

Whether you’re looking to understand where your customers live, shop and work, their financial situation, channel preferences, or what motivates them to purchase, we have the consumer data you need to start building a deeper understanding of your audience.

Our powerful data solutions combine demographic, affluence, income, behavioural, and catchment data to deliver valuable insights that inform your business decisions.

Powerful data solutions that deliver actionable insight

At CACI, we live and breathe data. We’ve been supporting organisations with insight about their customers for years. We empower marketing teams to deliver effective personalisation and messaging, and give retail and branch teams the information they need for network planning. Our consumer and demographic datasets are accurate and up to date. Combined with your first party customer data, they put the power in your hands to make the best decisions for your business and your customers.

What we offer is much more than data. Our team of data science experts can turn that data into action. From designing bespoke customer segmentations and predictive models, to building informative dashboards, our team’s mission is to make sure you get the most from your consumer and demographic data.

Load our data into business analysis tools like PowerBI or Tableau, or visualise it geographically in GIS systems for catchment analysis. However you want to use them, our data solutions underpin robust and successful business decisions.

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Better data leads to better decisions

Our data solutions can help you answer crucial questions, such as:

  • Where should we locate our next store, branch or local service and what ranges should they stock?
  • How can we improve marketing performance with more personalised customer communications?
  • How can we identify potentially vulnerable customers and ensure we’re providing them with the right services, prices, and customer support?
  • What new propositions should we develop to meet the needs of different customer segments?
  • Where should we target media spending to maximise returns by targeting lookalike customers?

CACI’s unrivalled range of consumer and demographic data can show you the market potential for your locations, products and services and help you assess future growth potential. Our datasets will help you understand your customers and shape market-leading customer experiences.


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