Data Science & Analytics

Who are your customers? What do they need and what makes them spend? What is the best way to engage with them? Our data science and analytics solutions give you answers to these critical questions. Make informed marketing decisions and improve results by knowing exactly what makes your customers tick.

We can help you pull meaningful information from your consumer data for decision-making. Predictive insights give you trusted evidence that guides strategy and planning for the months and years ahead. Rapid, automated analytics give you information to act on immediately and keep your customer propositions relevant and competitive. Integrating your performance data with strong demographic and behavioural insights, we empower you to understand your current and potential customers deeply. Our blend of data and technology expertise puts analytics to work in clear, visual, actionable ways.

Discover, accelerate, evaluate

We are data science experts with a mission to help you deliver more effective and efficient marketing, for competitive advantage. Our proven methodology and approach make practical sense of complex and real-time data.

Discover who your customers and prospects really are – plus where, why and how to engage them. Accelerate your performance with ROI-optimised marketing and communications. Then evaluate to understand what happened and what to do next, so you stay ahead of emerging customer demands and outstrip the competition.

Make every marketing contact count

Data science tools that produce precise insights give you real power in fast-changing markets. Adapt to new preferences and emerging trends as they happen, with real-time analytics and automated reporting.

  • Identify your most valuable customers
  • Use digital channels effectively
  • Use budget more smartly to optimise ROI
  • Communicate at the right time
  • Customise propositions for each customer and prospect

Clear analytics reporting is critical. With well-designed dashboards, different people in your organisation get exactly the insight they need for action, instead of drowning in data. You learn continuously what is working and what is not. You can innovate confidently, because you’ll see the results quickly and can change course or pick up the pace, depending on the evidence. We are technology agnostic so you can choose the platform that works best for your marketing operation and we will make it work for you. You can take control of insight for decisions, using the best tools for the job.


Customer Segmentation

Understand every aspect of the needs, behaviours and preferences of your customers and prospects.

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Data Engineering

Unite and integrate diverse data sets to uncover new insights and get more from your data.

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Data Visualisation and Reporting

Make decisions based on insight you can trust, presented in a clear and meaningful way.

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Predict changing market conditions and customer behaviours to forecast business impact.

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Marketing Attribution

Sophisticated insight to explain the cumulative effect of multi-channel campaigns for optimisation.

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Predictive Analytics and Modelling

Powerful AI & ML analytics tools monitor behaviour, response and context for personalised marketing.

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We chose CACI because of their expertise in data and technology and how they can be used to provide a tailored customer experience

NEC Group

We have a strong partnership with CACI for data insight that continually supports OneFamily’s relevance and appeal to customers.

One Family

For propositions and portfolio, no other provider can match the breadth and immediacy of data and marketing coverage CACI brings.

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