Location Consultancy

What does the future hold for an existing or potential site or location? Crystal balls won’t help you: you need evidence from reliable, accurate data and proven predictive modelling techniques. CACI’s location consultancy delivers insight for investment, divestment, development and repurposing decisions.

We bring you knowledgeable, experienced consultants, comprehensive data capabilities and powerful analytics software and tools. It’s the people who will use your location that count when it comes to deciding on its potential and purpose. Our consumer-centric data models reveal spending power, preferences and catchment reach, so you can decide whether a site offers a profit and revenue opportunity.

Trusted, evidence-based insight

No matter what your location challenges are, our experts have the experience and savvy to inform your next move with data. We work with commercial landlords, property developers, healthcare and public service providers, retail, brands, grocers, automotive, leisure and hospitality clients to help them map the future of every site, anywhere in the world.

Find out what your potential consumers, tenants or customers need

We develop sophisticated models from our unique datasets, blending open and specialist data. They provide detailed insights into the people that will live, work, travel, eat, drink, receive care and treatment or simply relax in your destinations.

  • Potential spending
  • Competitor and existing site impact
  • Customer lifestyle, behaviour and preferences
  • Local, national and global insight and data
  • Target marketing segments

CACI delivers consumer-centric consultancy the crosses the globe. Whether it’s your first experience of location intelligence or you’re an experienced professional, our experts are here to help you make sense of data and give you actionable location intelligence for your organisation, project or brand.


Customer Insight

Consumer and user research delivers direct, highly targeted insight for your brand or destination.

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Market Insight

Understand new markets and monitor change and opportunities in locations around the world.

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Owner / Occupier Insight

We support successful strategic and commercial decision-making with specialised property insights.

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Sales Forecasting

Predictive modelling that combines powerful data sources to reveal revenue potential of location.

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Investment Analysis

Market-leading data insight into location potential. Understand investment opportunities.

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Network Optimisation

Situate and configure each outlet in the network to satisfy demand.

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