Spend Estimates

Providing A Picture of UK Consumer Spending Across Multiple Retail and Service Categories

CACI Spend Estimates and Projections provide a picture of UK consumer spending across multiple retail and service categories. 

Using our detailed and reliable projections, you can break spend estimates down by retail centre and usage type for a wide range of commercial applications. 

CACI Spend Estimates and Projections show patterns of consumer spending until 2030, across a wide range of retail and service categories.

They give you robust insight for long range forecasting. Our detailed data covers residential, online, tourist and workplace spend. 

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See market trends coming over the horizon 

Our projections use best-in-class economic and industry models to forecast market trends that are consistent with the government’s latest national statistics. The data can be delivered in dashboards for scenario planning or used in consulting projects.

There are a multitude of use cases for the Spend Estimates data, including:

  • For detailed understanding of consumer spending and its likely growth
  • Input into turnover projections for retail centres
  • For expenditure data at a granular level, to produce robust models
  • Evaluating store performance, for market planning and site assessment
  • Understanding the split between in-store and online spend
  • Scenario planning, addressing the impact of economic events on spending