Workforce & Field Force Management

In workforce and field force planning, efficiency and effectiveness are key, so you can get the best from your resources. CACI’s solutions and expertise can help you optimise every aspect of your field operations, whether your workforce is tasked with sales, merchandising, audit, inspection, healthcare, maintenance or service.

Empowering your workforce

Optimisation for field sales and merchandising teams

Optimising field force teams into a hard-working, lean, cost effective and happy squad of sales reps is what we’re all about. We have the data and platforms to make sure your reps are in the right place, at the right time, and talking to the right person to take advantage of every opportunity. Not only that, we make sure they do it with the most efficient route – saving costs, but crucially, making sure your reps spend more time selling and less time driving.

Workforce management solutions and automation

Your people are your most important asset. You need a holistic view so you can empower and support them to deliver their best work while complying with working hours regulations and ensuring maximum value for money. We can help you:

  • Empower schedulers with the latest technology to plan resources and allocate the right people to the right jobs
  • Guarantee service efficiency by ensuring teams have access to accurate and timely information and the ability to update their progress in real time
  • Provide secure and scalable IT infrastructure that deals with complex process automation
  • Access performance data insight to support the strategic direction of the business

For your commercial field teams, our tools and data insight can transform your sales, marketing and merchandising teams into highly efficient units who can sell more and cost you less, by prioritising the most profitable and impactful visits. For any team on the road, we can take the planning headache out of optimising your territories and routes, with our detailed road network and road speed data.

Whatever your workforce and field force challenges, we have market-leading tools and customised models, decades of expertise and a wealth of data to help you optimise performance. Count on us to help you make the most of your resources and ensuring their wellbeing when they’re out on the road.


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Field Sales and Merchandising Routing

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