Customer Insight

There are many ways of measuring the what and the how of consumer behaviour – but to understand the why, you need to speak to your customers. This is our unrivalled strength. Work with us to access direct insights from the people you need to hear from in your target locations, in the UK or globally.

Primary research has been a CACI expertise for decades: we have established relationships with dozens of retail and high street landlords in key UK locations. We’ve conducted over a million customer interviews across more than 300 locations in the UK and Europe. With our multi-sector knowledge and access to unique lifestyle datasets, we can combine user and customer research with consumer data insight to build a clear and detailed picture of the opinions, preferences and spending potential of your target audience.

Consumer insight for every sector

Direct consumer research is an excellent way to find out what customers feel and think, to an individual level. Skilled researchers and expertly designed surveys uncover motivations, choices and barriers that you may not have considered before. We work with retail landlords, retail brands, leisure, hospitality, grocery, food and beverage providers, care homes, health and wellbeing, automotive sales, housing associations… organisations with a physical presence who want to get to the heart of how well located, relevant and appealing their sites, facilities and services are.

Proven primary research methods

Different techniques and tactics work well in different situations, depending on the kind of insight you need. Our customer insight specialists will refine and develop your brief to make sure that the research findings will answer your pressing questions.

  • Interactive digital or traditional focus groups
  • One to one customer research – online or in person
  • Online research and virtual interviews
  • Surveys in-location
  • Advice on the most effective approach

Direct consumer research combines powerfully with customer behaviour, spending and demographic data to build out the bigger picture. We specialise in research through all channels, so we can provide rich, diverse and detailed insight into people and places. As market leaders, our data gives you unmatched ability to benchmark your performance against competitors. From a simple research task to a complex investment report, we have the specialist knowledge to provide truly objective, evidence-based answers. You’ll discover why people are making choices and taking actions as well as measuring the impact.


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