Investment Analysis

In an increasingly uncertain world, there are big opportunities for reward – but there are also great risks. We can help you quantify uncertainty and identify substantial and sustainable opportunities in destinations and locations, anywhere in the UK or the world.

We help you minimise risk and maximise the opportunity using rigorous data science. If you’re considering whether to invest in a business operation, deciding where to go next with your brand or service proposition in the UK or overseas, or looking to develop existing sites, you need to identify customers and the value of their potential spending. CACI’s location intelligence experts combine catchment, consumer, mobile and financial data to provide the answer.

Quantifying the return on real estate investment

As a VC or PE firm looking to acquire a retailer or engage in M&A, it’s about sizing the opportunity. If you’re deploying capital into real estate as an investment house or asset manager, you need yields and long-term asset growth. We’ll show you how people might engage with the destination, predicting what could happen in a range of scenarios. Data insight can show the best potential use for an undeveloped site from a range of formats. If you’re looking at existing locations, we can show you the potential of upgrading, optimising or repurposing them.

Comprehensive, detailed and robust commercial analysis

Our location intelligence team has reassuringly deep experience in providing insight for investment decisions. We’ve worked with clients in every sector to deliver clear and transparent predictive models and reports that support the investment process.

  • Due diligence
  • Feasibility studies
  • Network launches
  • International expansion
  • Commissioned reports

Whether you are looking to acquire, build or develop, data insight about the catchment, consumers and market demand is crucial to making an informed decision and minimising investment risks at an early stage. CACI’s experts will work with you to answer the most searching and important questions for your business, brand, portfolio or proposition, so you can make sure that financial projections are attainable and realistic.


Location Consultancy

Delivering data-led insight in context - for investment, divestment, development and repurposing.

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Customer Insight

Consumer and user research delivers direct, highly targeted insight for your brand or destination.

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Market Insight

Understand new markets and monitor change and opportunities in locations around the world.

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