Retail, Grocery & FMCG

What you thought you knew about your customers pre-pandemic – irrelevant! Everything has changed - what they spend their money on, the amount they spend, how and where they spend it. To understand what this means for your sales, you need powerful data and insight from trusted experts. That’s us.

Understanding the new consumer

The new consumer is here to stay. Many of the attitudes and behaviours shaped by our collective experience with the global pandemic will persist long after the virus has started to subside.

Understanding this dynamic is crucial to re-engaging your customers and attracting new ones. The relationship between people and place (physical or digital) is nuanced and forever shifting. Current, granular data and insights are vital to make sense of it, so you can shape a strategy for success.

Your trusted data and insight partner

Work with CACI and you have access to a team of experts that eat, sleep, and breathe location intelligence, consumer insight and data driven customer strategy. There is no other team out there that has access to such accurate and detailed data. Better yet, we combine it with expertise in marketing technology and the ability to turn data into action. And we know retail and FMCG – we have years of experience working with clients in every sector and territory. That’s why you can trust in our insight to inform your location and customer strategy decisions.

We’ll answer the big questions. How you can get more customers, how to understand the individual better, how you can increase customers’ spending, deliver tailored promotions and customer communications. We can tell you where your next location should be based on footfall, demographic and catchment and how to optimise your network. Harness the power of our data and modelling to put your retail, FMCG and grocery business ahead.


Cloud & Managed Services

Our Cloud and managed service offerings provides agility, scalability and efficiency on your terms.

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Consumer & Demographic Data

Become data-driven with our suite of demographic and location datasets.

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Customer Marketing Solutions

Give your marketing the edge with our end-to-end marketing strategy expertise.

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Data Science & Analytics

Turn data into actionable insight with the help of our expert data scientists.

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Digital, Design & Build

Crafting a more personal journey for your customers.

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Location Intelligence & Strategy

Data insight and consultancy to support your location planning decisions.

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Logistics & Route Optimisation

Helping you find a better way to deliver market-leading logistics.

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