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Police forces across the country use CACI data and solutions to support a data-driven, proactive approach to policing, and one that makes a real difference in communities.

From crime prevention to emergency response, a detailed understanding of your community means you can manage today’s issues more effectively and target your resources for the best impact. User-focused web applications and secure cloud services help improve your processes and efficiency as well as connecting better with citizens.

We offer managed services, ensuring that the technology you depend on is always available, secure and up to date, reducing your day-to-day IT overheads. We can recommend, deploy and customise specialist solutions for police forces, including investigation, litigation, cybersecurity, digital forensics and Intelligence Community requirements. We can support your service delivery planning and scheduling. We can help you empower your teams with information and systems access on mobile devices, so they always have the knowledge and tools they need to make decisions and take action in the field.

Helping Policing Maximise Digital Opportunities

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Technology and insight to meet today’s policing demands

Blended data is at the heart of understanding and engaging with the communities you serve.

Adopting a blended data approach means you can supplement your current data with specific, relevant, and frequently updated commercial data sources, broadening your visibility of the community you serve. It will empower every team with a deep and clear understanding of individual needs and circumstances as well as supporting strategic planning and resource allocation.

A more engaged community is a safer one. With analytics and predictive data at work in your organisation, you can be proactive in developing and providing prevention services and campaigns.

Ultimately, your police service saves and protects lives, property and the community. You need the best tools to help you do this more effectively and efficiently, against a backdrop of reduced budget and resources. We can help you deliver the best, secure and proven technology solutions and insight to support modern policing.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Our Cloud and managed service offerings provides agility, scalability and efficiency on your terms.

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Consumer & Demographic Data

Become data-driven with our suite of demographic and location datasets.

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Dark Web Intelligence

Dark web analysis service empowering missions with advanced intelligence tools.

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Digital Design, Build & Operate

Maximise the digital opportunity.

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Digital Forensics

Respond to your growing digital forensics needs.

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Proficiency Testing

How to gain assurance in your digital forensic processes.

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