Cost of Living

The dramatic hikes in living costs are affecting different people in different ways. As disposable income shrinks, big spend decisions are being reconsidered. Using our powerful data and solutions we track consumer attitudes and behaviour as the cost of living crisis persists to help you understand your customers' needs.

Cost of Living Podcast Episode 1

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Understanding the Cost of Living Crisis with Data

At CACI we understand people and place; how consumers engage with brands and how they engage with space. At the core of this crisis is people. Behaviours, values and expectations are changing. We will be sharing consumer insights to ensure you continue to engage with your customers and outperform your competition.

Getting to the truth behind the headlines

The story is everywhere. But what is really happening and what do we expect to happen in the future? We’ll be digging into the detail to explore what’s really happening across demographic profiles and understand:

  • Who is really being impacted?
  • Where is being impacted?
  • How will it impact your organisation?
  • Where should you as an organisation intervene to help people? 

We will be navigating you through the changing consumer spend and supporting you to retain market share through focussed messaging, accurate targeting and effective ranging.

Our Data Drives your Decisions

At CACI we understand people. Who they are, where they live, what they spend. We understand why people behave as they do and what that means for your business. We use data and insight to support you through every stage of your customer journey.

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