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Address Spine

Understand more about the homes your customers live in and areas of potential in the UK with Address Spine.

Financial Footprint

Financial Footprint is a financial catchment model, defining almost 2,000 centres across the UK.

International Retail Catchments

CACI’s Retail Markets benchmarking defines consumer catchments for major markets across the world.

Leisure Acorn

Acorn, provides a detailed understanding of the consumer characteristics of people and places across the UK.

Leisure footprint

Leisure Footprint is CACI’s leisure specific consumer catchment model.

Local Footprint

Convenience Clusters is a dataset that identifies the location, strength, nature and catchment of retail locations.

Location Dynamics

Retail, retail centres and demographics in one powerful dashboard.


Paycheck provides a measure of gross household income at postcode level for the UK.

Retail Footprint

An unrivalled view of the UK’s retail landscape.