International Consumer Demographics

CACI’s suite of demographic datasets covers practically every country around the world

To understand the potential for products and services, identify where to find target consumers, and quantify consumer demand geographically, you need location demographics across the market. CACI’s suite of demographic datasets covers practically every country around the world, with geodemographic consumer classifications available for major markets globally.

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Worldwide market insights

Whether you’re operating in North America, South America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe or the Middle East, CACI’s data empowers you to make better decisions, based on consumer demographics at a local level.

Use our International consumer demographics data within markets or across countries to support your entry strategies. It covers all the basic demographic variables, such population, household, age, gender, purchasing power, and socio-demographics. It’s available with digital boundaries at a variety of geographical levels of granularity. You can also select more advanced and sophisticated variables, such as consumer expenditure by product category.

Beyond demographics, CACI also has geodemographic classifications for a number of markets around the world. The classifications split the population within the country into categories and groups based on affluence and life-stage. The segmentations help to describe the population based on a combination of lifestyle, life stage, behaviours, attitudes and characteristics. Crucially, these are geographically referenced: you can profile customers and identify where target consumers are located. An international lookup mechanism means you can identify and target consumers across international territories.