ESG Score and Analysis

We are at a tipping point. Your customers want you and your business to act responsibly. And acting fast, and effectively communicating your progress with ESG issues will see you rewarded with new customers and customer loyalty.

Where ESG issues are concerned, businesses need to step up, initiating more deep-rooted change and at a faster pace.

But businesses shouldn’t be panicked into snap decisions for short term gain, or a nice press story. Truly transformational change will be achieved by a firm understanding of what your business can do, and how your target market will respond.

At CACI we know your customers better than anyone else, and we know that consumers, particularly younger demographics (your next customers!), are demanding ambitious long-term change.

Fast paced, committed and sincere action will place your brand in the hearts and minds of a new generation of customers and influencers.

CACI can help you understand consumer attitudes


We know customers are changing their attitudes, but how is this going to affect your business? We can help you identify the customers most concerned about ESG issues and how you can skilfully engage them on product, price and proposition.

Our ESG Score reveals individual level attitudes towards:

  • Environmental issues
  • Social equality
  • Governance

Apply this to your customer base to identify your exposure and re-position yourselves for the future.

As Andre Hoffman, Roche Vice Chair noted in his 2021 Davos paper:

“It’s not how we spend money, but how we make it that matters most.”


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