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Acorn is CACI’s flagship  geodemographic segmentation tool.

Address Spine

Understand more about the homes your customers live in and areas of potential in the UK with Address Spine.

Centre Futures

Centre Futures models the UK retail landscape forward for the next 20 years.

Financial Footprint

Financial Footprint is a financial catchment model, defining almost 2,000 centres across the UK.

Household Acorn

Household Acorn is a geodemographic segmentation of the UK’s population at household level.

International Consumer Demographics

CACI’s suite of demographic datasets covers practically every country around the world.

International Retail Catchments

CACI’s Retail Markets benchmarking defines consumer catchments for major markets across the world.

Local Footprint

Convenience Clusters is a dataset that identifies the location, strength, nature and catchment of retail locations.

Location Dynamics

Retail, retail centres and demographics in one powerful dashboard.

Mobile App Data

Mobile App Data has revolutionised our understanding of how consumers interact with geographical space.