IT consulting, network & data solutions for telecoms.

The telecoms industry is changing beyond recognition. Even the largest players are being forced to innovate and adapt to shifts in consumer behaviour, dwindling demand for traditional services, giant leaps in technological advances and greater regulatory scrutiny. Those who fail to adjust will be left behind in this fiercely competitive sector.

The only way to thrive in such a challenging landscape is with an experienced and trustworthy data and IT solutions partner at your side. CACI is a leader in the telecoms space, providing innovative, practical consulting data services and IT solutions to some of the largest brands in the sector.

Maximum flexibility to reduce operating costs

Achieving growth while contending with rising competition and falling revenue per head requires cutting-edge solutions that provide maximum flexibility while reducing operating costs. We deliver telecoms providers exactly that.

From strategic road mapping and high-level architecture to performance management and data reconciliation, our extensive services cover all your needs—either on a contract basis or as a fully managed service with lifetime support. So, whether you’re seeking improved data architecture or an upgrade of your network, you can count on us.

Some other ways our telecoms solutions shine

  • A comprehensive suite of services from network design, deployment and management to extensive data solutions
  • Multi-technology support and a vendor neutral approach
  • Wireless deployment
  • IT systems expertise to support the adoption of operational support systems (OSS)
  • IP network consulting, supporting both fixed-line and mobile product offering

We work closely with telecom companies to help develop and implement the right strategy and solutions that bring your data together and transform it into actionable insights that improve service quality and identify new revenue generation activities.

  • Keep the competitive edge: with the latest technology and data science solutions, you’ll gain actionable insight to keep ahead of the curve.
  • Customer experience: with insights to understand your customers at a deeper level you can reduce churn through tailored and targeted new offers.
  • Reduce risk: though a solid data governance strategy you can be confident that your customer data is protected wherever it is in your organisation.

Systems Partners


Cloud Infrastructure

Our Cloud and managed service offerings provides agility, scalability and efficiency on your terms.

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Data Management

Collect, store and use data in an efficient, effective and secure way.

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Data Science & Analytics

Improve your business performance with our Data Science expertise.

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Network & Infrastructure Services

Optimal network performance to ensure seamless operations.

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Our clients

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CACI assembled a very strong team, at short notice, and have worked tirelessly and rigorously to get the job done

Seb Ahrends, Head of IT Delivery, MBNL

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