Owner / Occupier Insight

Places need people to be successful. We help you understand who’s visiting, where they came from, what they’re doing and why they’re here. That’s how you optimise the tenant mix, understand potential retail revenue and set appropriate rents. Our insights support successful strategic and commercial decision-making.

As a property owner, you need data insight to benchmark your lease or rental rates and fees and understand what is affordable for commercial or consumer tenants. Business occupiers need evidence-based information about the potential market and sales opportunity, before they commit to an outlet in your site. CACI is a market leader in commercial property intelligence. Our modelling uses a uniquely broad and current range of data, giving you the clearest possible picture of market potential.

Insight and predictive modelling for every sector

Developing, launching and operating multi-occupation commercial or residential sites is expensive: you need clear evidence of potential before investing. After launch, changing consumer and market trends can quickly affect the popularity of your brands and facilities. To maintain occupancy and profitability, you need to know what’s coming and be ready to adapt. As brands or activities rise and fall, site owners must be ready to target new brands. For residential and care, it’s about building a mix of accommodation and facilities that will meet the needs of the coming generation of occupants in the target area.

Defining the catchment and understanding its value

Data about the catchment, competition, transport infrastructure, consumer behaviour and finances can help you optimise future plans and operational strategy for sites and developments of all kinds:

  • Mixed use residential development design
  • Retail or leisure destination facilities
  • Care and residential home market assessment
  • Identifying the right brands for a retail site
  • Rent-setting for commercial, private or social housing

Whether you’re in the early stages of assessing a site, looking to optimise performance, or anywhere in between, our specialists have the expertise to select and blend relevant data and model it to show you the potential of different scenarios. Catchment and consumer understanding will help you provide compelling sites and market them effectively to the right tenants.


Location Consultancy

Delivering data-led insight in context - for investment, divestment, development and repurposing.

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Customer Insight

Consumer and user research delivers direct, highly targeted insight for your brand or destination.

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Market Insight

Understand new markets and monitor change and opportunities in locations around the world.

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Network Optimisation

Situate and configure each outlet in the network to satisfy demand.

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Sales Forecasting

Predictive modelling that combines powerful data sources to reveal revenue potential of location.

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