Cyber Security

Cyber security solutions to keep your systems safe.

Rapid advancements in IT and cloud infrastructure allow companies to work leaner and faster than ever before.

But along with the many benefits that improved technology provides comes a rising number of cyber security threats that could devastate your business. Without the proper safeguards in place, you risk bad actors compromising your systems, altering files and code, and even shuttering your operations entirely.

At CACI, we understand the importance of your cyber security and use all possible measures to ensure that your systems are fully protected. Keeping your vital information secure is part of what we do best.

Protecting your vital information around the clock

Our highly trained cyber security experts will work with you to develop stringent and effective procedures that prepare your organisation for the threat of intrusive attacks. Our exhaustive methodology includes a thorough assessment of your existing systems and a series of preventative steps to thwart attacks from internal and external malicious sources.

What’s more, every solution we build or customise is ‘secure by design’ and we maintain our own secure facilities for sensitive projects.

‘Secure by Design’ Solutions

From cloud design to data analytics, we can build ‘secure by design’ solutions, meaning you can benefit from enhanced cybersecurity through your discovery, development and deployment processes.

We can provide:

  • A team of vetted and expert security engineers and consultants
  • Security that’s trusted by organisations across the UK – including the national security and defence sectors
  • Innovation without increased risk exposure – we help customers overcome the security barriers to innovation by blending leading-edge expertise with an unfaltering security focus
  • A portfolio of accreditations, standards, and assessments – including ISO27001 for information security, ISO9001 for quality management and ISO20000 for ITIL-aligned IT service management accreditations, and Government Digital Standards and Digital First and Service assessments

Secure Network Infrastructure

We can analyse your IT infrastructure, make recommendations and carry out continuous health checks to ensure that your network and its component parts are updated or patched as needed to avoid being compromised. Our cloud specialists, IT architects and system engineers are always up-to-date on the latest cyber security issues, making sure that you stay one step ahead.

We offer:

  • A full health check and assessment of existing servers and systems
  • The latest best practices to ensure you stay one step ahead of the hackers
  • Delivery assurance and round-the-clock support
  • Frequent backup and recovery services
Cyber Security



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