Mobile App Data

Detailed insights on the movement of consumers across the retail and leisure landscape

Wherever you’re operating in the world, Mobile App Data can provide detailed insights on the movement of consumers across the retail and leisure landscape. The capture of Mobile App users’ longitude and latitude during the provision of location-based services is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA legislation. In the UK alone, 2.1billion pings are generated representing 2.5million unique devices. CACI’s team of Data Scientists have harnessed the Big Data generated and navigated the pitfalls of bias so you can simply use the data to make better informed decisions for your existing and proposed locations.

Mobile App Data is linked to a home location to assign geo-demographic information, providing insights on where different types of people work, shop and spend their leisure time, as well as how fast they are travelling through a geographical space and where else they go.

Mobile App Data supports store mission management by understanding who visits stores and when, allowing you to tailor product ranges and promotions. It enables you to replicate success by finding new locations that match the exact criteria for a specific store format, down to being on the correct side of the street. Uniquely, Mobile App Data allows you to understand the transient population within new and existing locations as well as tailoring your campaigns using seasonality and tourism analysis.

One of the most powerful applications of Mobile App Data is understanding your competitors’ locations, the catchment that they draw from, and the types of customers they attract and how that varies by time of day and day of week, empowering you to make the strategic and operational decisions to win based on real data.