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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics  CACI

Measure centre performance and ROI on actions using your data

Why do it?

  • Landlords are collecting multiple, disparate data. This data has the potential to be transformative and worth more than the sum of its parts.
  • Use existing datasets and technologies to track impact of actions on centre performance, immediately.
  • Understand how the shopper changes through the year and how market trends impact the centre.
  • Measure marketing and leasing consumer ROI – what actions move the dial?

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  • We facilitate workshops to help you understand what data you have and its merits, including footfall, sales, CRM, Wi-Fi logins, ANPR to name but a few.
  • We integrate your existing data with CACI datasets such as Acorn and Retail Footprint to build a view of the centre performance.
  • We identify key data points including time series, behavioural KPIs such as dwell and frequency.
  • We measure key metrics such as footfall by Acorn group by month, sales by Acorn group, how the catchment reacts to marketing and leasing activity, etc.
  • We deliver the insight in the form of an interactive dashboard, which users can log into from multiple sites, updated centrally every month to track change.
  • Our dashboards are appropriate for anyone who wants to understand centre performance; Asset Managers, Centre Managers, Marketing Managers, Leasing and Operations.
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