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Sector- Finance

The finance sector has seen major change over the past decade. While it has had to evolve to survive, a number of critical challenges remain.

These range from major market changes driven by government intervention, such as bank divestments and security improvements, to technology upgrades brought about as a result of customer behaviour – for example online and mobile banking. Core network enhancements are critical enablers which are required to support these demands, so global financial institutions must adapt their network and IT systems accordingly if they are able to compete effectively.

Our solution architects lead transformation, enhancement and engineering programmes through the complete project life-cycle for many of the world’s leading financial brands. And as experts in the finance sector, we know understand the importance of;

  • A communications platform that has 100% uptime
  • Highly secure sensitive data
  • Financial transactions that are conducted with minimal latency
  • WAN connectivity for communication with other organisations, eg market data providers, financial exchanges and their clients.

So, whether you’re deploying an online trading platform or creating a stable and secure platform for retail online banking, you need complete confidence in your provider.

How we can help you

  • Network design and solutions that enable secure market data, exchange connectivity or access to secure financial networks such as Reuters, Deutsche Börse and Radianz.
  • Solution implementation consistent with
    • banking industry security best practices,
    • routing multicast traffic
    • delivering time-sensitive data using screening silos
    • implementing new 1/10/40Gbps trading architectures
    • utilising high speed switching architecture.
  • Data centre migration programmes –everything from high and low-level technical design (including financial scoping), full program project management and implementation, right through to supporting server migration programs.
  • Operational support through our managed services teams. With experience of providing shift and on-call coverage, including operational project work across a variety of technology areas such as routing and switching, security and voice services.
  • Implementation and support of high frequency trading solutions (HFT) and ultra-low latency (ULL) network infrastructures across a number of co-location venues.
  • Utilisation of specialist management systems for latency measurements and exchange decodes (FIX messages) such as Corvil CNE.
  • Design and deployment of the latest Cisco Nexus DC technology
  • Complete co-location solutions, from build-out through to client on-boarding and support, utilising the very latest switching infrastructure such as Arista and Cisco Nexus 3548 products.

Where we deliver value

  • Reduction of your operating costs
  • Increasing your ability to compete
  • Delivering the peace of mind that comes with an ‘always on’ service from a provider you can trust
  • CACI consultants and engineers have been deployed within a number of leading global market leaders and this deep sector expertise allows us to quickly understand the needs of your business
  • We’re vendor-neutral so can be relied on to ensure the best of breed solution and implementation plan is chosen for our customer’s new technology – whether in the cloud, or on prem
  • Implementation of network management solutions that maintain high performance levels, manage faults and provision new services in the most efficient way

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