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Predicting store turnover to ensure profitable new openings

The Challenge

The Southern Co-operative needed a GIS and sales forecasting model fit for purpose in order to support the growth and optimisation of their store network, helping to understand the sales potential of new opportunities.  The Southern Co-operative wanted to understand local catchments better so would need the model to benchmark prospective sites against their existing estate. 

The Solution

CACI built a bespoke turnover forecasting model within Spatial Modeller, designed to estimate turnover for new stores and potential impacts. Using Spatial Modeller and InSite in conjunction with Acorn, Southern Co-operative are able to report on catchments and inform and target local marketing campaigns. Acorn was beneficial in, informing store ranging and segmenting their estate based on prevalent shopping habits in the local catchment. 

The Results

The development of a turnover forecasting model has allowed The Southern Co-operative to make better informed investment decisions around new store openings. They have also maintained a network plan for food stores within InSite, allowing them to identify new opening priorities.  Store ranges based on local catchment demographics has resulted in strong improvements in like-for-like sales for existing stores. 

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Predicting store turnover to ensure profitable new openings